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Peregrine Academic Services offers the online, interactive Education Site that includes the tools, techniques, lessons learned, and best practices related to programmatic assessment, service application and integration, and quality assurance designed to promote continuous improvement in higher education within a structured environment. The Education Site is available exclusively to Peregrine’s client institutions through the Client Admin Site.

Peregrine Academic Services is a globally recognized leader in higher education assessment, online educational courses and education support services with client institutions located throughout the world. Our client institutions are creative and resourceful in the ways they implement and use our assessment and other educational services. We learn about these innovations and best practices from the client schools on a daily basis through our ongoing interactions with them. The Education Site allows us to share all that we learn from our service users and make them available to all our client institutions of higher learning through the Education Site.

The Education Site is designed to provide assistance to client institutions’ new or existing administrators, faculty members, and accreditation or assessment professionals who may be new to their field of work and/or are in need of re-training because they have accepted new/additional roles and responsibilities in connection with the use of Peregrine services within their quality assurance work.

The Education Site covers the topics in six major areas of service application and integration: Overview of Services, Client Admin Site, Best Practices, Integration, Reports, and Languages. Please click on the Topics tab to learn more about the content of the Education Site.


Peregrine Global Overview
Peregrine Global includes both Peregrine Academic Services and the Peregrine Leadership Institute, along with global partners. Learn more about our organization from the organizational profile.
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