ECECriminal Justice

Peregrine Academic Services provides nationally normed, summative assessment services for Criminal Justice academic programs that are used for internal and external programmatic evaluation. The customizable service is easily managed and can be effectively integrated into any undergraduate or graduate program to comprehensively evaluate retained student knowledge associated with the academic degree program’s learning outcomes. The assessment service is specifically designed to address ACJS Certification Standards related to learning outcomes assessment, quality assurance, and external academic benchmarking.

The most common assessment construct is an Inbound/Outbound Exam approach. Students at the start of the academic program complete the Inbound Exam. The Outbound Exam is administered to the students at the end of the academic program. Many schools also use a Midpoint Exam to measure student progress. All exams are provided online, with or without an exam proctor, using a secure web service that includes safeguards to ensure exam integrity.

The difference in Inbound and Outbound exam scores, both cumulatively and individually, is your direct measure of learning and the value added by the academic institution. Program-level and course-level learning outcomes are evaluated, analyzed, and assessed using the detailed reporting provided with the service. External benchmarking includes the comparisons of the percent change and the Outbound Exam results to other academic institutions. Collectively, the assessment construct is designed to satisfy several programmatic and institutional accreditation needs.

Please click on the video to watch an overview of the Criminal Justice Programmatic Assessment Service.


Criminal Justice Service Overview Presentation
Presentation about the Criminal Justice assessment service.
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