Academic Publications

The following are publications written by the thought-leaders at Peregrine Academic Services and Peregrine Leadership Institute. These are offered to promote quality, excellence in education, and towards developing a culture of continuous improvement. 

CAHME-PAS Benchmarking White Paper - March 2019
Peregrine Academic Services and the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education co-authored a white paper on benchmarking for graduate healthcare management education programs. The white paper includes four case studies that illustrate the application of benchmarking for programmatic assessment.
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Architecting Assessment: Meeting and Exceeding ACBSP Standards with a Design-based Approach
A systematic assessment program is one the most criti-cal issues facing business schools and programs seeking accreditation or reaffirmation. A design-based framework contains the elements to fully address ACBSP Standards and Criteria and also allows for a common language of assessment. Developing a shared understanding of the elements of a systematic assessment architecture is also essential to efforts to deliver teaching excellence and creating new knowledge informing better ways to teach.
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Partnering Business for Student Success: Online Lessons Learned
Opinions on the matter of education quality relative to program delivery modality vary, with all sides claiming to know best on how to deliver business programs to students. Such opinions, however, are typically based on assumptions or anecdotal evidence. Quantitative data regarding retained student knowledge for US-based school based upon program delivery modality is presented.
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Evaluating Comprehensive Exams using Common Professional Components
Bob McNeal, Olin Oedekoven, and Tammy Prater examined the differences and similarities between Peregrine's CPC-based COMP Exam and the ETS MFT.
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The Undergraduate Common Professional Component (CPC): Origins and Process
Are you curious about the origins and application of the Common Professional Component for business education? If you are, then please take a look at the paper where Olin Oedekoven, President of Peregrine Academics and his European education colleagues explore and discuss this topic.
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Applications of Direct Assessment towards Closing the Loop in Higher Education: A Gardner-Webb University Case Study
A Case Study in Undergraduate Business Program Assessment. Olin Oedekoven recently presented a case-study paper at the Gardner-Webb University Assessment Workshop. Gardner-Webb agreed to allow their program assessment data to be shared for this case-study analysis. The attached presentation shows in detail how the program assessment was conducted and how the results can be used for continuous improvement of the business program and to fulfill several program accreditation requirements.
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