ECEAcademic Consulting

Peregrine Global – Peregrine Academic Services and Peregrine Leadership Institute along with our global partners – provides academic consulting and leadership development services used by both quality assurance agencies and institutions of higher education around the world for capacity development and strategic sustainability.

We facilitate seminars for faculty and school administration teams related to strategic planning, assessment, academic program evaluation, accreditation, and institutional effectiveness. We perform accreditation document reviews and conduct training for quality assurance teams. With decades of collective work experience with institutions of higher education and with accreditation agencies, we have the necessary credentials to assist with most accreditation-related requirements.

Specifically, we offer consulting services for colleges and universities related to:

  •   Seeking or renewing US-based accreditation (e. g., assisting with planning and supporting the self-study process).
  •   Developing new academic programs or reviewing existing programs.
  •   Develop, review, or simplify outcome assessment (quality assurance) processes for programs and non-academic departments.
  •   Faculty evaluation, faculty development, and institution management.

Additionally, we offer consulting services to accreditation organizations related to:

  • Recognition by national or global bodies such as CHEA (The Council for Higher Education Accreditation) or EQUAR (the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education).  
  • Reviewing, developing, and improving standards/principles.


Peregrine Global Overview
Peregrine Global includes both Peregrine Academic Services and the Peregrine Leadership Institute, along with global partners. Learn more about our organization from the organizational profile.
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